Who Are The Whisperers?

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The Whisperers primarily rely on melee weapons (mostly knives) and bows in combat, with there being only two recorded instances of Whisperers wielding firearms. Their most powerful weapon, though, is the massive herd they've created over the years by accumulating zombies.

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Alpha and Beta. The leader of the Whisperers is Alpha, a bald woman who is first introduced when she confronts Maggie and the other survivors living in the Hilltop community about her captured daughter Lydia. She proposes a trade, offering to free two of the survivors that the Whisperers captured in exchange for Lydia.

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In the comics, Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, was a cold, cruel woman who took pride in her stern and savage leadership, while Beta served as an obedient and unrelenting enforcer for Alpha.

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The leader of the Whisperers is known as Alpha, and there's a good bet that the series will cast someone with a bigger-than-the-screen presence — and someone who doesn't mind wearing a zombie's face — for the juicy role, should the Whisperers actually make it to the show.

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The Whisperers. The Whisperers is a 1967 British drama film directed by Bryan Forbes, based on the 1961 novel by Robert Nicolson, and starring Edith Evans. Although the fictional setting of the film is not named, it was mainly shot on location in the Lancashire town of Oldham, a once-thriving textile centre near Manchester which by 1967 had...

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Four more Whisperers armed with knives then emerge from the fog and run toward the group, while Daryl quickly kills the Whisperer who stabbed Jesus with his crossbow upon arriving. Michonne, Aaron, Yumiko and Magna enter the cemetery and kill off the remaining attackers.

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