The Walking Dead Season 9 - Will Sherry Become Alpha?

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The Walking Dead Season 9 - Will Sherry Become Alpha?

Trev I think Sherry would have enough time to become Alpha once you factor in the time Skip. - SouthPaw ThaPoet

The honeymoon symbol could just be an infinity synbol meaning she'll love him forever, it does look a bit odd tho - Alatorre 05

I'm sad TWD is over, I can't wait to see the next season, season 9 with the whisperers should be intense! And to see Alexandria built up again will be great. But now we can all watch and enjoy Fear until it returns :) - SacredSlaya

I just can't get over how ,uch time must have passed for the Fear group..... We're going to need ALLOT of backstory to cover that much time. -

Everyone complained about to much action. Now everyone is complaining there's to much drama. -
H Duane Sharpe

Trev, it feel like we're riding on a yo-yo with this show. The conflict is internal-external, internal-external, internal-external. It's starting to get frustrating and boring. I love this show, but it is really getting redundant. I guess I will try Fear and see if it's any better. - Robby Taylor

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