Alpha, Beta & Lydia Casting News || The Walking Dead Season 9


Samantha Morton cast as Alpha, Ryan Hurst as Beta & Cassady McClincy as Lydia!

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Alpha, Beta & Lydia Casting News || The Walking Dead Season 9

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'The Walking Dead' Casts Former 'Sons of Anarchy' Star ...

Beta is the second-in-command to Alpha in the Whisperers, and he grows to become a major adversary to the survivors in the comics. ... Cassady McClincy was cast as Lydia, Alpha's daughter and ...

'Walking Dead': Ryan Hurst Cast as Beta | Hollywood Reporter

Actress Cassady McClincy was recently cast to play Lydia, Alpha ... one can imagine a certain level of giddiness from Kirkman over casting ... In killing Alpha, Negan inadvertently leaves Beta in ...

The Walking Dead Season 9 - Carol vs Alpha - Who Will Win?

The Walking Dead Season 9 - Carol vs Alpha - Who Will Win? Man the Carol and Alpha comparisons in this episode has me wanting to see a showdown in 9x16 or season 10 - EBAG tv Trev, Alpha vs Carol ...

'Walking Dead': Samantha Morton to Play Alpha in Season 9 ...

'The Walking Dead' has cast Samantha Morton as Alpha, leader of the Whisperers, as the villain of season nine. ... Now with Morton's casting, ... Beta, her enormous lieutenant, and Lydia, her ...

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